Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello Kitty Magazine


I am such a big kid!!!!! Well, I have always loved Hello Kitty... and I can't help myself when I see a cute HK looking at me asking me, take me home, take me home, don't leave me alone here in this shop late at night... LOL.
My friend told me all about it and I actually squeaked when I got one.
For the UK Hello Kitty lovers there is a NEW magazine on the block, you guessed...

Hello Kitty Magazine!
First edition comes with a cute free plush toy and for £3.99, the toy and mag are a great value. I am not sure if I should open mine up or not, but with quizzes like " Which Kitty are you ? " my fingers are getting very itchy...

On a newsagent near you available NOW!

Ps: Just for now I am moderating all comments, because a wave of chinese comments! Poss spam... weird stuff.
See you soon.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fridays @ Portobello

... Some cool people around.
- Click on the picture to enlarge.

Alex, fashion designer, on Portobello Market.
I love this casual look, nice accessories... and her bag is so amazing.

Alexandra, on Portobello Market.
Beautiful fur jacket and her dog is so cute!

Sophia, on Portobello Road.
What a wonderful jacket + gilet combo and those boots are gorgeous, just what I want !!!!

Mari and Ono, on Portobello Road.
Cool couple, nice sunglasses and look at that hair... how fabulous.

Carolin, on Portobello Road.
A cool, colourful outfit.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Moonsoon Accessorize Trust


This Friday at Portobello it was a big surprise! It's not every day that you go to a stall on Portobello Road, and ( surprisingly ) the trader is Ms. Jodie Kidd!

Well, it happened today.
In fact, is not every Friday but only once a year where " The Moonson Accessorize Trust " has a stall on Portobello Road. You guessed for your delight there are racks of skirts, dresses, tops and ect plus bags from Moonsoon and Accessorize.

The Trust was created in 1994, to celebrate Monsoon's 21st birthday. Originally called 'The Monsoon Trust,' this was changed in 2006 to reflect the huge contribution made by everyone in Accessorize.
The Trust focuses on projects to alleviate poverty in Asia, it funds projects to help improve the lives of disadvantaged women and children. The focus is on education, health care and income generation, helping to develop sustainable livelihoods within communities.

Today, they are funding over ten projects – including a programme in India to provide health care in remote villages, another to help cotton farmers convert to organic methods and a scheme in Afghanistan to help women to make a living from their traditional embroidery craft. Fantastic!

Here a quick view:

Ms Jodie Kidd is the patron.

The crowds started to gather quickly, apparently by 12PM it was hard to get close to the bags!

Ms. Jodie Kidd as a Portobello market trader for the day.

As part of fundraising there are sample sales held in London.
Check the website: www.monsoontrust.org for further information.
Support them.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Moshi moshi ... little dolly dressl


Here, some pictures of one of my very favourite dresses...

I bought it in Camden Town, about 12 years ago, in the old vintage market which is near the station; It exist until today but unfortunately nowadays it's not vintage stuff anymore :(

( As in most of Camden, it has changed a lot. No more £1 or cheap tables about, so sad.)

So the dolly dress, teamed with a cool " recycled " bag from Traid, which was a leather jacket and got transformed into this cool cute bag... I love the paint splash detail, also bought it cheap £3, last year ...

... When I came across the new Loewe's " Amazona " bag which coming out right now and it has the same kind of detail, and a huge difference in price of course ( Gobsmacked, I was...)

Shoes were made by a friend of mine shoe designer. They are snakeskin and leather. I have to visit her little shop in Bethnal Green called 'King & Queen' and post here for you guys... She's fab!!!!

Moshi, moshi...





Below, a look on Loewe Amazona bag.

See you soon!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

GAP A/W 2009 Presentation

Hello guys,

So cool, Monday just gone my friend called me for the GAP presentation A/W 2009 in Covent Garden.
I have always loved GAP... and the new collection is great, I wouldn't say I'm looking forward to winter (not just yet) but, I wish I could buy it all now ( We don't want to wait until next winter!!! Sadly , we'll have to.) ... You will too will love it.
Casual and tailored pieces, great Navajo knits ( which I am very keen on ), COOL shearling jackets, lovely wollen dresses tie dye wash, silk dresses ( which I love too), skinny capri tailored trousers, absloutely lovely... I loved all the jackets and a really colourful cardi in blue and orange which I just must have! Not forgetting, wonderful Pierre Hardy sheepskin boots in navy, khaki and grey, sandals with straps in grey... wonderful and lethal, as they are so high!

Here some pictures of the backstage, this time I was with the male models, which I must say it was much more fun. ; )

Make up time... everyone getting ready.

Board with models pictures.

... Male models waiting to get dressed.

My mate Yuki and I backstage. And here is the telly on the backstage where we could see the presentation.

GAP presentation A/W 2009.

See you soon.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Agyness Deyn for Melissa

You must have heard of Melissa shoes....

As I was born in Brazil brands like Melissa and Havaianas have always been part of my life. I remember my first pair of Melissa plastic shoes... It wasn't the jelly style which everybody knows, my first pair was a kind of a brogue with little heels and in a bright green colour... Oh God, I loved those shoes dearly... I was 4 years old I think...LOL ( My mum will be laughing when she reads this )

Since then, I have had several Melissa shoes... a pair from 1995 which was designed by Stephane Kelian for Zoomp, I have those until today... several layers of glue in some places but, they still hang on... and the latest ones I got, Vivienne Westwood collaborating directly with Melissa.

Well, now Melissa is celebrating their 30th anniversary with a glossy magazine called "Plastic Dreams" which will be distributed at the Melissa shop at Oscar Freire, Sao Paulo.

On the cover Agyness Deyn, she was in Brazil for Ellus and had also been secretly assigned with Melissa for this wonderful campaign.


Must I say I love those ankle boots... So I'll be waiting for the collection... How am I gonna get a pair ? Hum?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A star wars inspiration...


We are all loving the last few sunny days in London! Lets hope it stay like this for a little longer...

Everyone said I looked very Princess Leah! LOL, I think is the hair... I still loving my braided hair style and I had this cool idea where one braid goes up and the other one goes down. Some people have asked me for tutorial on the braids so I managed to get few snaps done when I was at the salon. I'll post them later.

See you soon!





Dress: All Saints (ebay), Belt: Side Walk ( Brazil ), Boots: Vivienne Westwood.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fridays @ Portobello

... Some cool people around.
- Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Anika, on Portobello Marktet.
I love her skirt, the whole look is great when you pay attention on the layering of the jacket and the waistcoat. I love the hairstyle too... shame I didn't capture well.

Krystal, stylist, on Portobello Market.
Cool and colourful! This girl has a cool vibe... I took her picture, she took mine... That was a first!

Leanne, on Portobello Road.
The beautifully detailed trilby hat suits her so much and that fur jacket is just so chic!

Sofia, on Portobello Road.
I like the mix of the striped top and the beautiful plaid coat.
Doesn't she have the cutest smile?

Mia, on Portobello Road.
Love the socks and her booties are so hot.
She's also a fellow blogger!!!! That's why is so cool to talk to people when I do the photos... she's now on my blogroll check for mia's love affair.

Ps: I'm terribly sorry if I have taken your picture last week and it's not up in the site. I had trouble with my camera and many pictures unfortunately were lost ( grrrr). I hope to bump into you again someday. Peace.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The sunshine is back

... Oh I was so happy today , weren't you?

A little bit of sunshine makes a huge difference and I can't wait for 2 weeks in time when the clocks go forward and it's bright until late!

Outfit of today was simple... I love this tartan, cowl style skirt, It was a snap £12 from Primark, keep it cheap, the black top was £1 from Portobello stall.

( Good or bad , we cannot deny, every now and then Primark has some REALLY nice clothes. I'm sure all of us given the opportunity have bought something in there at least once! ) I like Primark very much, but when I see people coming out with literally 10 bags out of the shop, I do find too much. I wouldn't do it myself but can understand why is so tempting.




Skirt: Primark, Belt: Portobello Market, Top: Portobello Market, Necklace: Made by myself, Bag: Coccinelle.

Trends Hairstyle Sponsored by liza Caem