Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shoes for Ladies and Gents

Today’s guide to shoes Desiree Stimpert wrote this very nice article about my artwork. Of course I am most grateful for the kind words and the fact she purchased two of my pieces: one from my shoe art gallery and Times Square, New York City. Great choices on two artworks I enjoyed creating.
Classic Shoes
Shoes for ladies

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

'Jane Bourvis' the most romantic shop in town.

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for all the comments! I am so glad you guys are enjoying the blog.

So, today I have some gorgeous pictures taken on a magical, amazing and one of my very favourite shops in town... I am a romantic at heart, you know!

Jane Bourvis, is located near Portobello Road and has been one of my favourite shops for many years. It's like a fairy tale, a wonderful cave, full of treasures from the past with amazing, truly inspiring fabrics. A quick visit there is enough to take you somewhere else, somewhere in past, in a beautiful Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco era.

Jane designs are the most amazing bespoke bridal dresses, totally made to measure, each piece being completely unique. She uses vintage fabrics, which have a lot of character. Sometimes the fabrics which can be over 80 years old, may have some small flaws due their age. Considering this, it's quite amazing the selection of vintage lace, embellishments and accessories. You can easily, so easily get spoiled for choice.

Let the pictures speak for themselves. I hope I was able to capture some of the magic of this boutique.

I am so excited to share this true gem with you guys!
Thanks so much to Jane who very kindly allowed me to do this deserved feature on her shop.

Further info visit:

See you soon.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Unique Silver Jewellery

Selection of jewellery that is mostly silver athough a few stones have crept in sometimes! Chain length supplied is a standard 16 inches but I'm happy to fit an 18 inch chain if you would prefer for no extra cost, just let me know.
silver jewellery
unique jewellery
unique silver
silver jewellery
unique silver jewellery

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Flower Girl Dresses

Flower Girl Dress
Flower Girl Dresses
Flower Girl Dresses
Flower Girl Dresses
Flower Girl Dress

Bridesmaid Dresses Pictures

It’s important to see that your bridesmaids will be happy and comfortable on the day of your wedding. If all of your maids aren’t exactly the same size and shape, as is the case with most bridal parties, make it your mission to be a kind bride and explore all of the many options available for those who may need plus size bridesmaid dresses.
Bridesmaid Dresses
Bridesmaid Dresses
Bridesmaid Dress
bridesmaid dresses
bridesmaid dresses

Fridays @ Portobello

"Street style"
Fridays @ Portobello

Some cool people around.
- Click on the picture to enlarge.

Anna, Portobello Market.
She looks totally fab in a relaxed, rock chick look and I loved her cozy snood too.

Azusa, Portobello Road.
I loved her cool parka, perfect for a rainy day like it was, teamed up with a cool pair of pirate boots. Great combo!

Merce, Portobello Road.
I love the colour of her pixie boots, so gorgeous! Combined with a cool plaid coat. Nice.

Louise, Portobello Road.
Rocking the classic combination trilby + trench coat. How very English.

Jinan, Portobello Road.
Brightening up the day with lovely polka dot tights and bright pink pumps. Cute!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Gemini Tattoos Pictures and Review

A tattoo of a Celtic Gemini is much more elaborate with Celtic knots and patterns intermingled with the simple Gemini twin symbol. They are usually found in only black ink with some occasional fading around the lines, but they can also be very colorful and lively.
gemini tattoos
Gemini tattoo view
Gemini tattoos
Gemini tattoo pic
Gemini tattoos

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player tattoos
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Tattoo Designs Gallery

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Tattoo Designs

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