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JAPAN FASHION WEEK ORGANISATION - Press Release on signing the MOU with CMAI in Mumbai

Mr. Masahiko Miyake, President of Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFWO) signs an MOU with Mr. Rahul Mehta of the CMAI in Mumbai on 12th March 2011, during the ongoing Lakmé Fashion Week.

Also seen are Mr. Anil Chopra of Lakmé and Mr. Tetsuyo Watanabe, Director, Creative Industries Promotion Office, from Japan who were present at the MOU signing.

Japan Designers Showcase Cutting Edge Fashion at Lakmé Fashion Week

At the ongoing Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai, The Japan Fashion Week (JFW) presented tokyoeye - a unique cross-cultural exchange initiative by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) which brings the best of Japanese fashion to India with a showcasing of Eight of Japan's leading designers at the forthcoming Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai next month.

Mr. Masahiko Miyake, President of Japan Fashion Week Organization (JFWO) - the apex body in Japan, that promotes, fashion, apparel & textiles under the support of The Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry was in Mumbai for the Lakmé Fashion week and to ink an MOU with the Clothing Manufacturers' Association of India.

On March 12th 2011, Mr. Masahiko Miyake and Mr. Rahul Mehta, President of Clothing Manufacturers' Association of India (CMAI), the apex body for the apparel & manufacturing industry in India jointly signed an MOU at a Networking Lunch in Mumbai at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

The event started off with the organisers offering sympathy and prayers to their countrymen back home in Japan who suffered huge losses & damage.

 The Principal Objectives of the MOU are:-

  • Develop exchange of awareness, promotion and trade in fashion, apparel & textiles between Japan and India. 

  • Facilitate cooperation by inviting representatives to annual conferences, awards, exhibition and other related activities.  For ex : There could also be  participation in each other's Fashion Weeks, Japanese Buyers could visit fairs like the India International Garment Fair, and Japanese suppliers could participate in the Apparel Export Promotion Council's Source Zone etc

  • Advance Education and Training by endeavoring to educate young people on leadership and business issues.

  • Explore possible solutions to common challenges and promote fashion through cross-cultural communication and learning.  

  • Share opportunities by enhancing current programs through joint efforts and also share ideas regarding contacts with corporations, media, governments, and educational institutions.

The signing of the memorandum was witnessed by Mr. Kaname Tajima, Vice Minister of economy, trade & industry (METI) and Mr. Anil B. Joshi, Textile Commissioner, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India.

According to Mr. Miyake “This agreement demonstrates a growing commitment towards the development of a new frontier with a rapidly growing potential of exchange, between the two Asian countries”.

According to Mr. Rahul Mehta of CMAI "We have already started the process of making the Japanese industry aware of what will be required by the Indian market, by organizing a meeting between Japanese Trade representatives and the Indian traders and manufacturers, This has paved the way for a more successful entry of Japanese Textiles & Designer into India".

 The Japan Fashion Week Organization and the organizers of the Lakmé fashion Week have inked a collaboration with their cross-cultural exchange initiative, Tokyoeye, that will see the best of Japanese fashion talent showcasing in India. The government-aided project aims to create enterprising relationships and provides access to international collections to buyers from India and all over the world.

As per the tie up, three Japanese designers i.e. Tamae Hirokawa, Motonari Ono and Sara Arai showcased their collections at a show on 11th March 2011 during Lakmé Fashion Week. According to Ms. Akiko Shinoda, Director International Affairs of JFWO “With the evolution of consumer tastes and heightened interest in Japanese fashion, the Indian market is a big demand base for our iconic Japanese fashion designer”

Tokyoeye is a project initiated by the Ministry of economy, trade & industry which supports Japanese Fashion brands in their expansion abroad while promoting the “Cool Japan” concept and filtering it through a Tokyo perspective. Tokyoeye will be held in India for the first time organized by the Japan Fashion Week Organization. Tokyoeye will be glad to present shows of the Japan Fashion Week leading designers - “araisara”, “motonari ono” and “SOMARTA”.


Speaking on the occasion Mr. Anil Chopra, CEO Lakmé Lever said, “We are delighted that Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan Fashion Week organisers as well as Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI) chose to have Lakmé Fashion Week as the platform to announce this landmark trade and fashion collaboration. The signing of this agreement at LFW reaffirms our mission that “Integrate India into the global fashion world” and this furthers the Business of Fashion.”



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